Christmas 2016 with Talking Tables

It’s about time I shared with you some of the shots I styled for Talking Tables Christmas shoot.  The ranges are fantastically diverse so there’s something to suit all styles. If you want to see some behind the scenes shots from this shoot check out the last post

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Styling: EmmaMT

Photography: Oliver Gordon

Stylist Assistant Stella Ajao 

Products: Talking Tables 


EmmaMT x

Want to see what it looked like behind the scenes at this shoot? Check out this fun post here


Behind the scenes at the Talking Tables Christmas shoot 2016

I thought it might be interesting to share the behind the scenes blog post from one of my shoots. I can’t tell you how many times people have thought that being an Interior Stylist is all shiny photo shoots and glamour but it’s not. It’s a lot of planning and prepping and a ton of loading and unloading of vans. But when it’s right it can be the most fun job ever!

This was a Christmas shoot for the 2016 Talking tables brochure and these shoots are big, four day affairs with tons of props (like a luton van full)  a LOT of food and drink and always beautiful flowers. Often we are in a different location every day traveling around London and the suburbs so there’s a lot of driving and a lot of loading and unloading of vans – no need to go to the gym that week! But even with all of that incredibly hard work what they are most of all is fun.

The gangscreen-shot-2016-12-06-at-06-07-43What makes it tick along nicely

It’s all about having a good team. We’ve been shooting together for Talking Tables for six years now so we know each other pretty well. I’ve been shooting with Olly for sixteen years since a fated shoot for Homes and Ideas magazine where he likes to remind me that I made him shoot 60 shots of grilled peppers (it wasn’t- it was about 20 and I was young and inexperienced – but I still got him to do it!)

Helen is the Marketing Manager for TT and is so on her game. She runs the shoot. To say she finds the most amazing locations is an understatement. They’re always perfect for the ranges. In a week we can shoot anything from eight to fourteen ranges some big collections and some additional products to great selling collections. Each range has a completely different feel so it falls on Helen to find locations that will work across the shoot list – no easy feat when you move from pretty floral Truly Scrumptious right through to ultra modern Glitterati in one day.

Shoots don’t work without assistants and for this shoot I had the lovely Stella to be my right hand girl and together with Olly’s assistant Jo the shoot can run smooth as anything.


The locations

We shot at the lovely Catherine Worram’s house on one of the days and I have to say it’s a stunning and MASSIVE house in SE25 . Great for big shoots as there’s plenty of space for props and you don’t end up tripping over your boxes and crates. I’m pretty clumsy so there’s a lot of tripping when I’m on a shoot! We were in the basement location for this shoot but have shot in the main house too! Both are incredible shoot locations. img_0171 img_0172 img_0173

Christmas 2016 with Talking TablesChristmas 2016 with Talking Tables

The cover shot for the brochure has had people on it the last few issues so while Olly is setting up I sit in and be a ‘model’ while he gets the lighting right. I seem to have this reaction to being on the wrong side of the camera. I don’t ever just smile. I HAVE to pull a face!


Another location we shot at was Tavistock Works in London which was originally an old stables. You could walk past it every day and not even know it was there. It had a big open space upstairs with great light.  Of course we were shooting Christmas in June so Olly had to create a bit of mood and hide all that light!  img_0290

We also shot at this house in Thursley, Godalming. It had a swimming pool, tennis courts and most importantly beams in the dining room and the perfect fireplace for a christmas shoot. img_0345

On me ‘ed son

If there’s one thing that can be guaranteed on these (and frankly most shoots) it’s that if there’s something that can go on your head I will put it on and do a selfie. I know I do this but it’s not until I look back over the whole shoot’s selfies that I realise how often I do it. I mean glasses and headbands are one thing but the clip on robin decorations I am sure are not meant for heads! head

So that’s a quick tour of behind the scenes at this TT shoot. Next time I’ll be shore to share the boxes and vans! You can see what the finished shots look like here on the Christmas 2016 with Talking Tables post but here’s the brochure.

Christmas 2016 with Talking Tables

Be sure to check out the fantastic products over on 

EmmaMT x


How delicious is James Martin’s Garden?

How delicious is James Martin’s Garden?

Styling: Emma Morton-Turner

Photography: Oliver Gordon

Shooting James Martin’s garden

A few years ago I was lucky enough to shoot the garden of  James Martin for Woman & Home Magazine. I chose to shoot it with Olly Gordon as not only is he great fun to work with and takes great shots, but he’s so relaxed that anyone one would look great when he’s behind the camera.

We were really lucky with the weather- as always and James was really, REALLY lovely (small cook crush going on over here!) He had an amazing vegetable garden and enviable views across the countryside and a full size garden dining table on the patio area. His was the perfect outdoor entertaining space.  He even took the time to cook us a pizza for lunch in his outdoor pizza oven between making calls and doing on-line interviews!!

The scariest part of the shoot for me was when he said I could use the toilet in the garage. “The closest toilet is in the games room. Just go upstairs in the garage and there’s a one on the right hand side” James said. First of all yes, the garage had an upstairs and second this garage – as there were two,  held four cars.  James is known for his love of cars and these cars were worth a fortune and I had to squeeze past one to get to the stairs. Being a reasonably clumsy person I was not keen on being that close to a car worth that kind of money! Needless to say I was VERY careful!

Days like that don’t feel like work. Shooting is always fun when the people are confident and relaxed, the shoot topic is beautiful and when the weather is good – if you’re outside that takes a lot of pressure off. But the deciding factor is the home owner. Some are worried about the shoot and how they will look or be portrayed but James made us feel like we were old friends and was completely relaxed and professional. I’d shoot him again in a heartbeat.

That’s what made this one of my favourite shoots for W&H. I always loved shooting gardens but when you get to be in a location like this with a man like that and eat pizza to boot what’s not to love?

EmmaMT x

Disclaimer: Thanks to Woman & Home Magazine for giving me permission to share these shots with you. All thoughts, opinions and ramblings are entirely my own.