How delicious is James Martin’s Garden?

How delicious is James Martin’s Garden?

Styling: Emma Morton-Turner

Photography: Oliver Gordon

Shooting James Martin’s garden

A few years ago I was lucky enough to shoot the garden of  James Martin for Woman & Home Magazine. I chose to shoot it with Olly Gordon as not only is he great fun to work with and takes great shots, but he’s so relaxed that anyone one would look great when he’s behind the camera.

We were really lucky with the weather- as always and James was really, REALLY lovely (small cook crush going on over here!) He had an amazing vegetable garden and enviable views across the countryside and a full size garden dining table on the patio area. His was the perfect outdoor entertaining space.  He even took the time to cook us a pizza for lunch in his outdoor pizza oven between making calls and doing on-line interviews!!

The scariest part of the shoot for me was when he said I could use the toilet in the garage. “The closest toilet is in the games room. Just go upstairs in the garage and there’s a one on the right hand side” James said. First of all yes, the garage had an upstairs and second this garage – as there were two,  held four cars.  James is known for his love of cars and these cars were worth a fortune and I had to squeeze past one to get to the stairs. Being a reasonably clumsy person I was not keen on being that close to a car worth that kind of money! Needless to say I was VERY careful!

Days like that don’t feel like work. Shooting is always fun when the people are confident and relaxed, the shoot topic is beautiful and when the weather is good – if you’re outside that takes a lot of pressure off. But the deciding factor is the home owner. Some are worried about the shoot and how they will look or be portrayed but James made us feel like we were old friends and was completely relaxed and professional. I’d shoot him again in a heartbeat.

That’s what made this one of my favourite shoots for W&H. I always loved shooting gardens but when you get to be in a location like this with a man like that and eat pizza to boot what’s not to love?

EmmaMT x

Disclaimer: Thanks to Woman & Home Magazine for giving me permission to share these shots with you. All thoughts, opinions and ramblings are entirely my own.

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