Introducing Alan Taylor the Jack-a-poo

Introducing_Alan_TaylorI’ve been thinking about whether or not this is the right platform to introduce a Jack-a-poo puppy. I mean this is my working world. This is where people get to see what I’ve been up to. Who and where I’ve been shooting and what features I’ve been writing so I need to put a work slant on this one….. here it goes.

Every home needs an Alan Taylor Jack-a-poo

Alan Taylor is my gorgeous little Jack-a-poo puppy. He was a spur of the moment addition to our family three weeks ago. Well, when I say spur of the moment it was a spur of the moment after about two years of thinking and talking about getting a dog!

You see I’ve been pining for a dog for a long time. I know every dog at the school gates and actually stopped to stroke one particular Staffie who whimpered at the gates until his owner came back to him after the daughter was deposited in her classroom – Monty cries like a human and he was my dog fix for a long time.

Introducing_Alan_TaylorThen one day while I was distracting myself with a google search for Jack-a-poos there he was. This is the ad I found (above). I mean who could resist that face with those big brown eyes?

We’d been looking for a Jack-a-poo as Mr MT really wanted a Jack Russell and I wanted a more scruffy dog so a Jack-a-poo – that was more Jack and less poo, was what we decided was best for us. I wanted a small dog that could sit with me at my desk and come to prop houses without it being an issue – we’ll see how that goes soon!

Introducing_Alan_TaylorMost Jack-a-poo’s are really cute with Poodley, curly fur but we wanted one that looked more Jack Russell and they’re not as easy to find. So when I saw him I knew instantly he was the one. We were planning on getting a dog but we hadn’t put a date on it and after looking for a rescue dog for a while with no luck we just got Alan Taylor from a breeder in Enfield.

5 reasons you should not get a dog

There are many reasons it took us so long to get Alan Taylor.

  1. I really worried that we wouldn’t be able to cope with a dog and the dog walking when I go off on shoots for weeks at a time. When I leave for a one day shoot it’s 6am -with no time to brush my hair let alone walk a dog! As getting a dog was really what I wanted I didn’t want to just dump him on Mr MT all the time.
  2. It’s like having another baby,” everyone says. You have to clean up poop and they whimper and cry in the night. Well, some do but Alan is pretty good at night. We are still toilet training him but I’m a pretty patient person. We’ll get there.
  3. Everywhere I looked the advice is don’t get a dog unless the whole family want one. Mr MT was okay (but not enthusiastic) with the idea of Alan but Daughterling No.1 didn’t want one – and she’s a big dog lover. After a little more digging she finally told me that she didn’t want to be responsible for him when I’m out. Once I explained that my plan is to have him with me pretty much all the time she was up for it. The photo below is Alan being carried to school before his injections. I loved it.
  4. They eat up your home. Yep. They do. Alan hasn’t so far. He weirdly likes to chew on the metal Singer sewing machine table legs and the metal hairpin legs on a stool in my office but apart from that, he has a million and one toys to chew on – which have been strewn across the hallways and kitchen since we picked him up. I kind of see any chewing of furniture as a great excuse to redecorate. I mean, I am a stylist.
  5. We have Asthma. Crossbreed dogs that are a Poodle mix tend to moult less. But not Alan!!!!. Darcey and I both have Asthma so the plan was to keep him out of the rooms. Well, that lasted one week. He can’t get up onto the beds with his little legs but he can jump which is very funny. All you can see is the tip of his nose and his flapping ears. So far neither of us has been affected by his fur. And as he sleeps in the dining room I think we’ll be fine.


Where’s the name from?

When we tell people what his name is it always get’s a smile. There are two reasons his name is Alan Taylor. First, when we went to Cornwall last year and ended up on a dog beach (by mistake- honest) my dog pinning reached epic levels. They were everywhere in Cornwall and I couldn’t walk past them without a quick stroke! It became a heated topic of conversation. At the time Mr MT and the daughterling were reading the Mr Gum books. The books are a bit like a kids version of Terry Pratchet and they would laugh till they cried. One of the characters in the book was a gingerbread man with bionic muscles called Alan Taylor. Mr MT said he would only consider getting a dog if it was called Alan Taylor. After Cornwall we would always refer to getting a dog as “When we get Alan Taylor” and so it kind of stuck.

The second reason is because we loved the program “Walk on the wild side” where comedians do voice overs for nature programs. We have been quoting them for years. Watch the video below to see where the Alan comes from. This is why our dog’s full name is Alan Steve Taylor MT!

So, Emma, where’s the work angle?

Well, there isn’t one. Maybe he can be a dog model on set sometime or maybe he can just keep me company on my propping trips. One thing’s for sure he really slows me down – which is a great thing and one that I didn’t see coming. As I type this now he is on my rather expensive black sheepskin which he has claimed for his own, and is asleep under the sewing machine table in my office. He follows me around the house where ever I go. The unconditional love is just amazing. If you follow me on Instagram  (please do – I’d love to see you over there) you’ll have seen the jumping puppy that greets me each morning. The walks can only be a good thing. I’m counting my steps. As he gets bigger I’m hoping they’ll reach epic numbers!


I didn’t want to fill my Instagram feed with Alan Taylor – I mean it’s for interiors and cake blog posts and coffee (much to the confusion of Mr MT. “Really who wants to see your morning coffee?”) So, I set Alan up with his own account. He’s on AlanTaylorVille if you fancy following him. I try to post every few days as I know these puppy days will go by in a flash and we’ll forget how tiny he was. Introducing_Alan_Taylor

Jack-a-poo fun for all the family

So, now we have had him for just three weeks and it feels like we’ve had him forever. The No.1 Daughterling who wasn’t sure about getting a dog now regularly lies on the floor to play with him. A teen. On the floor! For ages! The Daughterling No. 2 adores him and won’t stop picking him up and hugging him. I think if she was a few years younger Alan would have been dressed up in dolls clothes by now! But the biggest shock was how much Mr MT and Alan act around each other. When he gets home from work Alan goes completely mental, jumping and running up and down the hallway until he’s picked up and cuddled – and that’s exactly what he gets. Mr MT is the first to lift him onto the bed, even though he wasn’t even supposed to be in the bedrooms!

Introducing_Alan_TaylorSo, if like me you’re waiting and dithering about getting a dog I’d say don’t. Just do it. There are dog sitters who can come when you’re out for more than a few hours (we have one three doors up and didn’t even know it!) and the benefits outweigh everything bad you can think of. He’s totally part of the family.

EmmaMT x

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