Shooting outdoors indoors: Behind the scenes on my Poundland Summer 2016 outdoor shoot


Shooting outdoors indoors: Behind the scenes on my Poundland Summer 2016 shoot

Now the sun is shining it’s hard to look back to March when I headed off to Halifax to shoot the Summer garden range for Poundland. This was the first Summer shoot for them and as the weather was – well lets just say a bit iffy at that time of year so it made sence to use a studio.

Prodoto is where we shot Christmas last year and it is a fantastic set up. As usual after a meeting with the Poundland team to see the products and to discuss the shots required I go away and draw how I think the shots should look – from furniture and accessories to food and flowers. Prodoto get sent the drawing and then make the set to match. Exactly. We chose colours for fences and used as many of the Poundland products as we could.

Shooting the outdoors lawn – kinda!

Our set was huge. On one side we had a lawn with green fencing and a small flower bed edged with a mini Poundland fence. No matter how many plants you buy you always need more. We had to keep moving them around to fill each shot – even though we spent a few hundred quid on planting. As it was so early in the year it was hard to find plants with leaves let alone flowers. The huge bamboo proved very useful – especially when it came to shooting solar powered lights. I think I still have some of those leaves in my car – boy did that think molt.

The Set IMG_1570

As you can see from my shot above there were foam boards placed behind the fencing. The blue skies and trees were added afterwards digitally. It’s amazing what can be done in post production.

Controlling the sunshine is a major win when shooting outdoors for this kind of feature. Our fab photographer Paul Young went the extra mile – quite literally to make the sun shine naturally. IMG_1572 (1)



Why shooting outdoor solar lights is trickyShooting Alfresco indoors with Poundland

The solar lights are so effective that we had to tape up the solar panels to trick them into thinking it was night time. Since shooting them these light bulb solar lights have been flying off the shelves. They’re so cute. I’ve got one hanging in my garden and it’s really cute and effective – especially when you have a few hanging together.Shooting_Outdoors_INDOORS.jpgShooting Alfresco indoors with Poundland

Garden accessories

There are some really fab garden accessories this year. We shot these on an old set of steps I picked up at a boot sale (best place to go propping in my books). The studio looks really dark in my shot but as you can see below the end result was anything but gloomy.IMG_1597

Shooting_Outdoors_INDOORSA few other shots

I can’t finish this post without sharing just a few other shots. I was very proud of my scaffolding board bench which I made with my own fair hands, and the marketing manager liked so much she took it home for her garden. Love these herb pots. Shooting_Outdoors_INDOORS Shooting_Outdoors_INDOORS.jpgShooting_Outdoors_INDOORS Shooting_Outdoors_INDOORS Shooting_Outdoors_INDOORS

It’s always great to style shoots for Poundland. Apart from the amazement of the standard and quality of the products  “How much is this? It can’t be a £1” is heard on every shoot by people who are on the set, but the team is an absolute pleasure to work with. Laughter all the way – even when we’re up against it with time and delivery schedules.

So, what are you waiting for? Get down to Poundland and get gardening!

EmmaMT x


How delicious is James Martin’s Garden?

How delicious is James Martin’s Garden?

Styling: Emma Morton-Turner

Photography: Oliver Gordon

Shooting James Martin’s garden

A few years ago I was lucky enough to shoot the garden of  James Martin for Woman & Home Magazine. I chose to shoot it with Olly Gordon as not only is he great fun to work with and takes great shots, but he’s so relaxed that anyone one would look great when he’s behind the camera.

We were really lucky with the weather- as always and James was really, REALLY lovely (small cook crush going on over here!) He had an amazing vegetable garden and enviable views across the countryside and a full size garden dining table on the patio area. His was the perfect outdoor entertaining space.  He even took the time to cook us a pizza for lunch in his outdoor pizza oven between making calls and doing on-line interviews!!

The scariest part of the shoot for me was when he said I could use the toilet in the garage. “The closest toilet is in the games room. Just go upstairs in the garage and there’s a one on the right hand side” James said. First of all yes, the garage had an upstairs and second this garage – as there were two,  held four cars.  James is known for his love of cars and these cars were worth a fortune and I had to squeeze past one to get to the stairs. Being a reasonably clumsy person I was not keen on being that close to a car worth that kind of money! Needless to say I was VERY careful!

Days like that don’t feel like work. Shooting is always fun when the people are confident and relaxed, the shoot topic is beautiful and when the weather is good – if you’re outside that takes a lot of pressure off. But the deciding factor is the home owner. Some are worried about the shoot and how they will look or be portrayed but James made us feel like we were old friends and was completely relaxed and professional. I’d shoot him again in a heartbeat.

That’s what made this one of my favourite shoots for W&H. I always loved shooting gardens but when you get to be in a location like this with a man like that and eat pizza to boot what’s not to love?

EmmaMT x

Disclaimer: Thanks to Woman & Home Magazine for giving me permission to share these shots with you. All thoughts, opinions and ramblings are entirely my own.